CMC Code of Good Practice

The CMC Code of Practice and Safety is produced to define the expected standards of competence and professionalism for individual members of different organisations within the CMC, the hygiene and safety standards relating to the practice of Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine including the quality of herbs which are used in practice.

A registered individual member of the CMC should always maintain good personal conduct and avoid damaging the reputation of the profession. They should discharge their duties and responsibilities to patients, the profession, members of other healthcare professions and the public in general with dedication and integrity. They should maintain a high standard of practice by exercising competent professional judgement and by continually striving to improve their knowledge and profession skills.

We promote a safe practice and clinical excellence in Chinese medicine to members. Failure of compliance with the Code of Good Practice criteria may be treated as a breach of the Code of Professional Conduct and subject to investigation under the disciplinary procedures.

For a full copy of the Code of Good Practice, please call 0207 388 6704.