How to Join CMC

The CMC is happy to involve all other Chinese medicine associations who share our aspirations for a unified movement to build assurance, promote and support Chinese medicine in the EU. Any professional organisation that represents practitioners of Chinese medicine can apply for membership with the CMC.

The CMC pledges to represent the interests of all its member organisations during all discussions with the government regarding Chinese medicine practice in the UK and to collaborate and coordinate with the government on Chinese medicine legislation. It aims to promote the development of Chinese medicine in the UK within mainstream medicine and to ensure its safe and effective practice.

Once accepted for membership, member organisations should ensure their codes of conduct, disciplinary procedures and requirements for continuing professional development follow CMC guidelines.

Please be aware that the CMC does not accept applications from individuals. If you would like your professional organisation to be recognised by the CMC, please ask the organisation to contact CMC directly.

For more information about joining the CMC, please call 0207 388 6704.