Member Organisations

Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR)

Chairman: Don Mei

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CMIR was established in 1994 by the AcuMedic Foundation and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. CMIR is dedicated to the modernisation of Chinese medicine and its proper integration into conventional mainstream medical practice. It is a leading educational and professional organisation in the UK for promoting clinical excellence in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Anglo Chinese Medical Doctors Society (ACMDS)

Chairman: Professor Gao Duo

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ACMDS is active in the promotion of statutory regulation of Chinese medicine by the Department of Health. It aims to ensure that the regulations are an effective safeguard for both the public user and the professional practitioner and the standards of training are upheld for future practitioners and other medical professionals who wish to study Chinese medicine.

Federation of Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners (FTCMP)

Chairman: Professor Boying Ma

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Association of Chinese Medicine Practitioners (ACMP)

Chairman: Professor Ming Hua Jia

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Established in November 2002, ACMP is an important Chinese medicine profession organization body in the UK. It plays an active role in Chinese Medicine regulation actively and works to keep Chinese medicine as an independent profession.

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